Tuesday, January 19, 2010

E-Portfolio Journalism 2.0 and Citizen Journalism, Brought to you in part by: Steven Wagers

The world of journalism is an ever changing one. Journalists adapt and conform to the new technologies that come along and that has resulted in what is being called "journalism 2.0".

What is journalism 2.0, you say? Well, this site will help you to learn how to adapt and flourish using journalism 2.0. It is the shift in the mindset towards the ways in which information is being presented. Some say that journalism 1.0 means that one person is talking and the others are listening. Journalism 2.0 leans much more towards being a conversation. Take a gander at almost any news site that is out there today. Almost all of these sites have a comment section underneath the story where anyone can voice their opinion as long as it relates to the topic at hand. This falls under the category of "citizen journalism." I know that I'm using a lot terms here, but these two concepts fit together very closely.

Citizen journalists are just normal people that have no background in journalism. This can refer to bloggers, commenters, or even people who just feel like running a website in their spare time. These citizen journalists have taken to the internet with force, and personally I think it's great. People are able to get interesting stories out to the public that 20 or 30 years ago, would have been impossible to share with mass audiences from their homes. People of celebrity status can give us insight into their daily lives through blog posts, and twitter updates. Technology has advanced so much in the last couple decades, it is hard to fathom living in an age without cell phones, facebook, and wide access to computers, which brings me to a final point.

Technology. It doesn't stop here. Journalists have been practising their trade for hundreds of years and yet they have lasted this long. Many people believe that journalism is being killed by the internet but I think it is only going to keep expanding. Sure the journalism we once knew may be on its death bed but journalism as a whole will live on. That is what journalism 2.0 is all about.

Not the end of journalism altogether.

It's only a change in mindset.

-From the Desk of Steven Wagers
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